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  • Transportation Engineer

    Town of Wake Forest
    Job Description
    The Transportation Engineer will perform analytical work to review traffic engineering studies and Traffic Impact Analysis’ submitted by private consultants for new development; and for Town and State transportation projects. Plan review for new development is a key role in ensuring that transportation networks are designed in a manner that meets the Town’s plans and ordinances. The Transportation Engineer will oversee transportation construction contracts and calculate the overall costs for a project; and may often serve as the project manager for contracts with professional engineering consulting firms to conduct special planning and design studies for proposed capital projects. The position will utilize data from traffic studies along with other local and regional data sources to assess system safety and capacity needs in order to develop projects, countermeasures, and funding strategies to help improve the Town’s transportation system and protect local neighborhoods. The Transportation Engineer will represent the Town with other local, state and/or federal agencies. Work is performed under general supervision of the Assistant Director of Community Development and is evaluated based on review of work, conferences, meeting performance measures, and working in accordance with assigned duties. The employee exercises considerable judgment and independence of action including contacts with citizens, contractors and developers.
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