• Transportation Project Manager 1

    Southeastern Engineering, Inc.
    Job Description
    1.  Demonstrates the ability to contribute to the overall success of the program through on-time delivery, effective reporting in writing4, and metric compliance; while reinforcing and/or the reputation of the firm/market/program and themselves.  
    2.  Shows a willingness to learn and retain knowledge working closely with their Senior PM and PMA. 
    3.  Displays teamwork.   
    4.  Develops an ever increasing knowledge-base of project management principals and processes (for GDOT projects this references the PDP, LAP, internal GDOT workings, procurement, financials).  
    5.  Well-organized, especially in electronic filings and document retention.  
    6.  Shoulders increasing responsibility in all aspects of project management, with support.  
    7.  Able to manage 8 – 10 “process-oriented” projects effectively by being responsive to internal and external requests; developing partnerships with SMEs, teammates; developing credibility internally and externally. 
    Displays increasing progress in understanding Critical Path Methodology (CPM), P6, PSR’s, task orders, and PFR’s.   
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