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    October 30, 2018

    Now Accepting Nominations for GPTQ Subcommittees

    Employees at ACEC Georgia member firms who are involved in the transportation space are encouraged to serve on one of the subcommittees under the Georgia Partnership for Transportation Quality (GPTQ) Consultant Relations Committee (CRC) for the 2019-2020 cycle.

    What is GPTQ?
    The Georgia Partnership for Transportation Quality (GPTQ) is a special, strong and valuable partnership between the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), Georgia Highway Contractors Association (GHCA) and ACEC Georgia. GPTQ provides an opportunity for employees of ACEC Georgia member firms to interface with their peers at GDOT to jointly raise the quality bar for delivery of transportation-related planning, design and construction services.

    The GPTQ partnership is achieved through committee work completed within a number of active committees and subcommittees jointly and equally staffed with GDOT and consultant members. ACEC Georgia is committed to providing an opportunity for all members to be active on GPTQ as much as possible. The committees are reconstituted every two years and individuals are encouraged to "cycle" through their periods of service. This is a volunteer effort. 

    Available Subcommittees & Anticipated Consultant Membership Needs

    (1) Bridges and Structures - 6 consultant members, including 1 Co-Chair
    (2) Construction Engineering & Inspection (CEI) - 4 consultant members, including 1 Co-Chair
    (3) Engineering Services - 5-7 consultant members, including 1 Co-Chair
    (4) Environmental - 1 Co-Chair (Note: Only volunteers for the Co-Chair position should apply. Membership in the Environmental Subcommittee is typically unrestricted. Participation is through five discipline subcommittees: Air & Noise, Archaeology, Ecology, History and NEPA. Co-Chairs for each discipline subcommittee are selected by its members.)
    (5) Land Surveying and Mapping - 8 consultant members, including 1 Co-Chair
    (6) Materials - 4 consultant members, including 1 Co-Chair
    (7) Preconstruction Design Awards - 3 consultant members, including 1 Co-Chair
    (8) Procurement - 12-14 consultant members, including 1 Co-Chair
    (9) Program Delivery - 8 consultant members, including 1 Co-Chair
    (10) Right-of-Way - 7 consultant members, including 1 Co-Chair
    (11) Roadway Design Policy - 8 consultant members, including 1 Co-Chair
    (12) Traffic - 8 consultant members, including 1 Co-Chair
    (13) Training - 6 consultant members, including 1 Co-Chair
    (14) Transportation Forum - 1 coordinator + 1 reporter
    (15) Utilities (not a GPTQ committee) - 3 representatives to attend utility coordination meetings

    While ACEC Georgia sponsors and organizes the Transportation Forum, one consultant is needed to serve as Forum Coordinator, who will plan and chair monthly Transportation Forum meetings. In addition, a Forum Reporter is needed to work with the Forum Chair, Coordinator and Co-Chair of the CRC to ensure meeting minutes are available and to periodically highlight the most pertinent topics.

    How to Self-Nominate
    (1) Complete
    the short nomination form by November 21, 2018.
    (2) Existing ACEC Georgia leadership will make the selections and notify members in December 2018.
    (3) New committee memberships take effect January 1, 2019.
    Note: Even volunteers who currently serve on a subcommittee must re-apply.

    Additional Information
    It is the intent of the ACEC Georgia Transportation Leadership to maintain active, hard-working and impactful representatives on the subcommittees, cycle out inactive members and promote the most effective members to subcommittee Co-Chairs, as well as consider them for membership on the Consultant Relations Committee (CRC). The Leadership team will strive to balance participation across small, medium and large firms, encourage participation in DBE firms and avoid having firms that are over-represented.

    GPTQ is led by a Steering Committee consisting of GDOT upper management, GHCA representatives and ACEC Georgia Transportation Leadership. The Steering Committee provides direction and oversight to the work of the CRC. ACEC Georgia representatives cycle through leadership positions on the Steering Committee, with the current CRC Co-Chair int he junior position to the Co-Chair of the Steering Committee and its Immediate Past Co-Chair.

    The CRC consists of GDOT Diurectors and Office Administrators, along with ACEC Georgia representatives. The CRC provides direction and oversight to discipline-focused subcommittees. ACEC Georgia representatives on the CRC are selected by the ACEC Georgia Transportation Leadership from current and past Co-Chairs of the various CRC subcommittees and past Transportation Forum coordinators.

    If you are interested in serving on a subcommittee, please use the online application to explain your specific subcommittee interest, experience, prior service to GPTQ, desire to serve, both ability and commitment to attend meetings, as well as do subcommittee work. If you have any questions, contact Joe Macrina, GPTQ Steering Committee Co-Chair, at

    Click here to access the full information sheet.

    Sasha Ugi, Director, Communications & Marketing
    (404) 537-1415