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    ACEC Georgia makes several appointments to committees and task forces dealing with structural engineering and vertical construction in Georgia, including: DCA State Codes Advisory Committee, GEFA PEACH Program Committee, Georgia State Construction Manual (SCM) Editorial Review Board, and the DCA State Codes Advisory Committee, just to name a few.

    ACEC Georgia's Building Systems Forum is the primary means of addressing vertical construction issues among structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering firms. To get involved, contact Chandler Carter at Chandler.Carter@acecga.org or (770) 214 - 3024 (direct line). This forum is currently looking to fill the Chairman role. Contact Chandler for details.

    Georgia State Amendments to the State Minimum Standard Codes

    The International Building Code (IBC) was adopted in Georgia with an effective date of 2002. The 2006 edition of the IBC was adopted on January 1, 2007 and ACEC Georgia, in collaboration with SEAOG, proposed guidelines that were included in the Georgia Amendments to the 2006 IBC. The Guidelines and individual forms are available on SEAOG's website.  

    Below is a link to the Georgia State Amendments to the State Minimum Standard Codes guidelines that have been adopted or which are being considered for adoption by the Department of Community Affairs.


    ACEC Georgia, along with SEAOG and others, continues to be a major stakeholder in reaching a consensus for the adoption of amendmentments to the IBC and other regulations affecting design and construction of structures and the built environment.