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    ACEC Georgia Privacy Policy

    Mailing List
    The current ACEC Georgia mailing list consists of 916 names, which are those people listed as “principals” in the annual membership directory. This information is updated annually when forms are mailed by ACEC or ACEC Georgia to each voting representative with the request to update the information provided in the Directory. This process is near completion for the current year with about 200 out of 300 firms responding; the remaining 100 firms are notified that their information will appear in the Directory identical to the prior year. In addition, the “contact” for each Associate Member is included in the mailing list.  There is a VIP mailing list of about 100 non-members to whom we usually mail the same information as to the members/associate members.  The VIP list consists of clients, association/agency partners, politicians, etc.  This list is in addition to the 916-person “ACEC Georgia Mailing List.”
    ACEC Georgia occasionally gets requests from a variety of sources for a copy of the mailing list (mailing labels, electronically, hard copy, etc.).  The ACEC Georgia mailing list is a valuable asset for ACEC Georgia. Historically, we have provided a list under the following circumstances:
    • When the list is to publicize a conference/seminar where ACEC Georgia has been involved in planning, organizing, or sponsoring the event. This occurs when the Board is aware of the event, a steering/planning committee exists with an ACEC Georgia representative on it, and ACEC Georgia is normally listed in the program as a sponsor.
    • When an ACEC Georgia association/agency partner requests the list for a narrowly focused purpose that is not in conflict with ACEC Georgia objectives. Partners include such organizations as GMA, ACCG, AIA, DOT, EPD, AGC, Corps, etc.  A partner means we have a written partnering agreement, we serve on liaison committees/task forces with them, or we have an on-going institutional connection.
    • When a seminar provider offers to provide a royalty/commission for ACEC Georgia members who attend the seminar, provided the seminar is useful to members in their technical/business practice.
    • Based on other associations’ practices and recommendations, we intend to provide mailing labels to Associate Members once per year.
    For other requests for the mailing list, the ACEC Georgia office generally does not provide it.  Examples of this include the annual Cobb County Environmental Symposium, commercial training companies, other engineering/technical associations (e.g., the ASHRAE trade show/fall meeting).  The lists are restricted because we do not want to add junk mail to the pile you already get, we do not want to support competing seminars that limit attendance at ACEC Georgia events, we want to ensure that use of the ACEC Georgia mailing list benefits ACEC Georgia or its members in direct ways.  Exceptions to this general policy are reviewed with the Board of Directors.
    ACEC Georgia Board Policy
    The following motion was approved at the June 14, 2001 Board of Directors meeting:
    1. The Executive Director was give discretion in distribution of the mailing list.
    2. Charging a royalty/commission for the mailing list was at the Executive Director’s discretion.
    3. Do not distribute member e-mail address lists in electronic form.
    4. One set of address labels OR a one-time electronic file may be provided to new Associates Members (upon request) but must be accompanied by a written agreement for a single use with no rights to sell or use for other purposes.
    Accordingly, follow the general policy outlined above in making decisions about mail list distribution.