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Capitol Update: Week 5


The General Assembly was in session last week for Legislative Days 13 through 16. They return Tuesday, February 16th for Legislative Day 17 and will be in session through Thursday, February 18th for Legislative Day 19.  The new Adjournment Resolution, SR 82, was passed on Tuesday and has the schedule through March 1st, Legislative Day 25.

On Thursday, both the House and Senate passed the final version of the Amended FY 2021 Budget and sent it to the Governor for his signature.  The only changes made were the addition of $1,000 bonus payments to state employees making less than $80,000 per year.  You can read the budget tracking document here.

The House continued Appropriations Subcommittee hearings on the “Big Budget” for FY 2022 (HB 81), which funds the government for all of FY 2022.

Legislation ACEC Georgia is following

By Rep. Carl Gilliard (D-Garden City), would exempt public mass transit, campus transit, and public school system buses from paying Georgia’s motor fuel excise tax. This bill would undermine the purposes of HB 170 and ACEC Georgia will oppose. STATUS: Referred to the House Ways & Means Committee.

The Week Ahead

The General Assembly will be in session Tuesday through Thursday this week.  We expect several Freight & Logistics bills to be dropped in both the House and the Senate.  ACEC Georgia also plans to drop a bill in the House that would remove the Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Board (PELS) from the Professional Licensing Board Division of the Secretary of State’s Office and establish it as an independent state agency, based on the status the Georgia Real Estate Commission has enjoyed for several decades. This would allow the PELS Board to establish their own fee structure, hire an Executive Director and dedicated staff and investigators to service the nearly 23,000 professional engineers 1,200 land surveyors in the state.