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Political Advocacy

On behalf of its members, ACEC:

  • ADVOCATES for legislation that will advance the interests of the business of engineering in Georgia across all levels of government.
  • MONITORS regulatory issues and government agency actions that affect engineers.
  • WORKS for a more pro-business climate and defends against unfair business practices.
  • FIGHTS to protect the practice, profession and industry of engineering.
  • ADDRESSES issues on behalf of the industry with state agencies in violation of policies to ensure fair, legal business practices and enable members to not risk their "political capital" and client relationships by voicing their concerns individually.
  • PROVIDES weekly Capitol Updates during the legislative session and a monthly Political Pulse e-newsletter with what's going on at the local, state and federal government levels that may have an impact on the industry and your firm.

ACEC Georgia is the voice of the business of engineering in Georgia. While there are other engineering organizations that serve as professional societies or which are focused on a particular discipline of engineering practice, only ACEC Georgia is focused on representing the interests of the BUSINESS of professional engineering practice.

Advocacy is one of the four core points of ACEC Georgia’s mission and it permeates everything we do. We understand that the foundation of effective advocacy is maintaining close working relationships and open lines of communication with government decision-makers at all levels, whether they be elected officials, political appointees or administrative staff. In an ever-changing political landscape, ACEC Georgia is committed to establishing and strengthening those relationships and to seizing every opportunity to engage in the policy discussions that lead to legislation, regulations or decisions that may ultimately affect engineering practice in Georgia.

In order to make ACEC Georgia an even stronger advocate for the business of engineering at all levels of government in Georgia, we are committed to (1) expanding the membership, programs and activities of ACEC Georgia across the state and beyond Metro Atlanta, so that our membership represents the width and breadth of engineering practice in Georgia and reflects the diversity of firm size, geographic location and professional engineering disciplines (2) creating opportunities for employees at every level within our Member Firms to get engaged with ACEC Georgia.

By engaging more individuals and firms in the activities of ACEC Georgia, we have the ability to amplify our advocacy messages with many voices…voices that are also constituents in legislative districts and leaders in their communities across this state. By leveraging the collective influence and relationships of all of the members of the engineering community, ACEC Georgia can be a far more powerful advocate than any one person or company could be on its own.

ACEC Georgia’s Government Affairs Council is open to any employee of any ACEC Georgia Member Firm or Supporting member that has an interest in getting involved in public policy. ACEC Georgia is also a partner with the other engineering associations through the Georgia Engineering Alliance’s Legislative Affairs Committee that meets regularly to discuss the public policy issues affecting the engineering community.

If you would like to find out how you can get involved in the Government Affairs Council or any of our advocacy efforts, please contact Michael Sullivan, President & CEO, or Christy Tarallo, Director of Government Affairs.