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Recent Political Advocacy Wins

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in March of 2020, ACEC Georgia laser focused on what we could do for the engineering industry, whether or not they were members of ACEC Georgia. Some of the things we did that impacted the entire industry included:

  • When local governments began shutting down their offices in March 2020, we worked with the Governor to
    • Get rid of the time clock before an owner could use a private provider to provide plan review and inspection Executive Order
    • Secured an Executive Order that allowed private providers to conduct plan review and inspections of hospitals, ambulatory health care centers, nursing homes, jails, penal institutions, airports, buildings that impact national or state homeland security and high rises, structures which were previously exempted from the private sector.  Because of the successful implementation of the program during lockdown, we made the Executive Order 3.30.20 permanent with SB 377 once the legislature resumed in June.  Private plan review and inspection is now permitted for all structures.
  • Worked with the Governor’s office to ensure that A/E/C workers were considered essential workers, and not subject to county lock-down orders, so that projects could continue on pace.  Executive Order 4.2.20
  • Once session resumed in June 2020, we passed the Structural Engineer Licensure bill, SB 310.

Continuing into 2021, our focus is still on the entire engineering industry

  • Ongoing work on HB 476 which would make the PELS Board a free-standing agency with the budget to hire investigators and improve efficiency in the agency
  • HB 588 – giving GDOT the ability to invest in freight and logistics infrastructure for public benefit
  • Develop a study committee on Airport Infrastructure Funding options
  • Develop a study committee on E-Commerce and Freight Infrastructure Funding
  • Work towards an amendment to the Infrastructure bill to fix PPP loan and FAR overhead credits.