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Federal PAC

Professional Staff Contact: Dave BenderJennifer Pugh
ACEC Georgia Champion: Rick TooleAlfred Benesch & Company

ACEC Georgia Staff: Christy Tarallo

The American Council of Engineering Companies Political Action Committee (ACEC/PAC) was established in 1975 to allow ACEC members the opportunity to support and keep federal candidates in office who support a pro-business legislative agenda. ACEC/PAC is bipartisan and operates out in the open in full compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act and applicable state laws. Each state is represented by a PAC Champion to help meet its state's annual PAC goal.

Below are links to assist the ACEC Georgia Board and ACEC/PAC Champions to seek individual contributions. This information should help them brief our members on the critical role the PAC plays in ACEC's effort to protect our business interests.


*In order to help cover credit card fees, consider donating an additional 2.7 percent.