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Georgia PAC

The ACEC Georgia PAC was established to provide the opportunity for individuals, corporations, and businesses interested in the future of the engineering profession to contribute to the support of candidates for offices in the State of Georgia and its political subdivision.

The PAC contributes money to the political campaigns of local and state elected officials who make decisions that impact the business of engineering within the state of Georgia.

  • Passed Private Permitting and Inspection bill, allowing developers and builders to use consulting engineers and architects for plan review, permitting, and inspections.
  • Passed legislation that prohibits the use of broad-form indemnification & duty to defend clauses in contracts for engineering, architecture, and surveying services (applies to both public and private sector clients).
  • Passed HB 170 – The Transportation Funding Act of 2015, creating more than $1 billion in new dedicated, annual funding.
  • Passed HB 476, which creates an independent PELS Board that can hire its own dedicated staff, improve customer service and provide more robust enforcement of licensure violations.
  • Created the Professional Engineer/Structural Engineer (PE/SE) license designation.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Christy Tarallo, Director of Government Affairs.