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    GPTQ Preconstruction Design Awards


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  • The 2018 GPTQ Preconstruction Design Competition Awards - 
    Now Open for Entries!


    Transportation projects in Georgia are to be nominated by the Owner and are awarded to the primary engineer for the project. A project should demonstrate transportation planning and design expertise, as well as a commitment to GPTQ's goals, which include: working cooperatively to deliver the transportation program efficiently with a focus on quality; recognizing and showcasing quality achievement by the partnership and its members; and improving long-term performance and durability of Georgia's transportation system. Design projects should have a 'let' date not older than five years. Projects that have previously won a GPTQ Preconstruction Design Award are ineligible.

    The Awards
    Awards are given to the best projects nominated in each category. These categories have been selected as those that best embody the on-going evolution of innovation and quality in serving the transportation needs of Georgia. Each award will be presented to the engineer/engineering firm most responsible for the accomplishment of the category. The entire design team and/or agencies named in the nominations will be recognized. Additional awards can be obtained after the 2018 Georgia Transportation Summit upon request to ACEC Georgia with payment for the award cost.

    Grand Award
    The judges will select one project entry for recognition as the Grand Award Winner, which will be announced during the 2018 Georgia Transportation Summit.
    (1) All winners will be presented with an award during the 2018 Transportation Summit on November 9, 2018 (average attendance: 1,200).
    (2) All winning projects will be featured in an issue of Engineering Georgia magazine.
    (3) All winning projects will be recognized through ACEC Georgia communications, including email, social media and website.

    (1) Complete the short nomination form by August 13, 2018.
    (2) Top three nominations in each category are selected and notified; these project team(s) will be asked to submit additional project information by October 1, 2018.
    (3) Award winners and finalists for each category will be announced and honored at the 2018 Georgia Transportation Summit on November 9, 2018 at The Classic Center in Athens, Georgia.

    The judging will be based on total engineering excellence in the criteria established for each category of entry. In addition, each entry will be judged for excellence based on the general criteria listed below:

    General Criteria:

    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Sustainability
    • Constructability
    • Cost Effectiveness
    • Environmental Protection

    Categories of Entry
    Nominations may be for portions, aspects, or stages of a project worthy of recognition.

    1. Innovative Solution to a Design Problem/Best Use of New Products
    This award recognizes innovation and emphasizes new design solutions to engineering problems with broad prospects for future application. Such innovation may include the use of new products or functioning components.
    Criteria for judging:

    • Innovative Approach to Design
    • Problem solving methodology
    • Teamwork/Communications
    • Innovative use of methods or materials
    • Quality
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Sustainability
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Constructability
    • Minimal negative effect on the environment/aesthetics
    • Completeness and accuracy of plans

    2. Planning and Design of an Alternative Mode Transportation Facility
    This award recognizes the importance of providing for transit, pedestrians, bicyclists and other forms of mobility for people and freight. Nominations should be made for designs and/or studies that provide for maximum efficiency, enhanced linkage and flexible multi¬use of transportation systems.
    Criteria for judging:

    • Security and Safety
    • Design Features
    • Innovation in Use/Reuse of Materials or Methods
    • Connectivity/Integration with Other Modes
    • Aesthetics
    • Maintainability and Durability

    3. NEPA, Environmental Protection, Preservation, Restoration and/or Enhancement 
    Recognizes the value of protecting natural and historic resources and/or aesthetics as elements of Georgia's quality of life. Should demonstrate solutions to transportation needs that embrace these concerns. Nominations should be made for constructed project components. Landscaping, archeological remediation and general enhancement designs are examples for consideration under this category.
    Criteria for judging:

    • New Application of Existing Techniques/Originality/Innovation
    • Value to Advancing the Georgia Quality Initiative
    • Social/Environmental Considerations
    • Complexity
    • Meeting and Exceeding Owners/Clients Needs

    4. Context Sensitive Planning and Design Including Public Participation Plan
    This award recognizes the important role the planning process plays in determining the best overall solution. Nomination should be made for processes which not only achieved meaningful public involvement via innovative techniques, but which developed context sensitive transportation solutions.
    Criteria for judging:

    • Successfully Encouraged Public Participation
    • Facilitated Cooperative Input from Reviewing Agencies
    • Evidenced Coordinated Planning with Local Interests
    • Developed Solutions to Avoid and Minimize Impacts

    5. Bridge/Structural Design
    This award recognizes structures that economically meet the requirements of the site, are aesthetically pleasing and are appropriate for the surrounding environment. Consideration is also given to structures that present innovative and economic solutions to unique design challenges specific to the site or structure. The constructability of the solution is an important consideration for award.
    Criteria for judging:

    • Economic/Innovative Approach to Design and Construction Challenges
    • Constructability
    • Innovative Use of Methods or Materials
    • Environment/Aesthetics

    6. Traffic Safety and/or Intersection Design
    This award recognizes projects that improve existing roads and intersections to enhance safety for the motoring public and/or pedestrians.
    Criteria for judging:

    • Successfully Reduced Accidents and Improved Safety
    • Utilized Cost Effective Techniques
    • Effectively maintained Traffic and Local Access During Construction
    • Developed Solutions to Avoid and Minimize Impacts

    7. Highway Design - Urban
    This award recognizes large projects in densely developed areas that may include a combination of roadway and structural work to fit within an urban environment while handling large volumes of traffic. Projects in this category include those ascribed to an urban area and/or urban characteristic in the functional classification. 
    Criteria for judging:

    • Encouraged Public Participation
    • Facilitated cooperative Input from Reviewing Agencies
    • Successfully Integrated into the Surrounding Land Uses
    • Developed Solutions to Avoid and Minimize Impacts

    8. Highway Design - Rural
    This award recognizes projects in rural parts of the state that were sensitive to manmade and natural resources that occur along their routes and/or played a major role in assisting local communities in achieving their economic development objectives. Projects in this category include those ascribed to a rural area and/or rural characteristic in the functional classification. 
    Criteria for judging:

    • Successfully Encouraged Public Participation
    • Facilitated Economic Development
    • Evidenced Coordinated Planning with Local Interests
    • Developed Solutions to Avoid and Minimize Impacts

    9. Design-Build
    This award recognizes the important contributions of the design build process to improve cost effectiveness, to shorten the design construction time frame and to improve innovation of design during construction.  The nomination should be the final design team.
    Criteria for judging:

    • Successfully Reduce Cost of Design and Construction
    • Successfully Reduce the Time for Design and Construction
    • Innovative Use of Design with Construction
    • Significant Reduction in Negative Impacts to the Public During Construction